Tuesday, 4 June 2013

First Day

Pre Camp

-The hands on learning and the using of the machines makes the project sound interesting

-I can learn more about properties of materials and how materials function 

Plenary Sessions

•Earthquake Research on Coral Reefs of Sumatra
       -I have learnt to be interdisciplinary such as using technology while I am engaging in other subjects.This helps me to learn that subjects should not be separated although they are different, thus enabling skills learnt in certain subjects to be shared with others

•IT for Animation
       -We need to keep things simple and then perfect it later and everyone can be an inventor.This tells me that we need to keep on aspiring. Also, we do not need to overcomplicate things from the start and we can work on them in the future.

•Innovation Breakthrough in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology

       -We need to persevere on if we want to accomplish our goals. If the people had not kept on trying in the past, nano-science and nano-technology might have been possible.

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