Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Second Day

Today, we learnt about, tensile material testing, the scanning electron microscopy and composite material testing. For tensile material testing, we applied tension on different materials such as mild steel, polyethylene bars and PMMA to see when they would snap and to see the ultimate tensile strength.From this, we learnt that that the different density and atom arrangement would affect the properties of the material. For the Scanning Electron Microscope, we learnt the procedures of how we should use the microscope and we also saw a real SEM in action. For the Composite Material Processing,we made  carbon fibre and glass fibre composites. We learnt that even that the carbon fibre sheet was flimsy on it's own, with the matrix which is the epoxy, many sheets can be very hard and sturdy.

I feel that today was a productive and meaningful day as I had learnt many new things. Also, it was enjoyable and interesting considering that we had fun while learning new things. My initial understandings were that Material Science is not important and we just had to pick the correct element or material to create an item. It is actually very important as through Material Science, we are able to choose the properties which are especially suited for an item. From this, I learn that we should not just judge things straight away and classify them as useful or useless without having any prior knowledge of the topic.

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